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The Meteorology Office performs the tasks of the national meteorological service. The principal task is meteorological watching, which means that we monitor and forecast dangerous weather and climatic phenomena, or phenomena which could cause direct or indirect damage. We additionally perform analytical, study and other expert tasks related to:

  • phenomena and processes in the atmosphere,
  • climate and the interaction of the hydrosphere and atmosphere,
  • performing meteorological information services as part of the world meteorological network,
  • meteorological tasks for the needs of power supply and environmental protection,
  • monitoring meteorological factors of air and precipitation quality,
  • assessment of weather and climate impact on people and plants,
  • monitoring ionising radiation in the atmosphere and its movements.

We also perform meteorological tasks linked to environmental protection, water management, defence, transport, farming and forestry, industry, construction industry, health, tourism and other activities, to the safety of air and maritime navigation, to consumer prognoses, to providing information and to data bases and data exchange. We rely in our activities on recommendations and agreements within the World Meteorological Organisation, which ensures comparability of our data and procedures with others and the flow of data on the world communications network, so essential for the monitoring of climate conditions and for weather forecasts.

In carrying out our tasks, we cooperate both with the World Meteorological Organisation and with other international organisations in the meteorological field, among which the most important are the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts and EUMETSAT. The former provides us with access to top quality calculations in weather forecasts and the latter with satellite data and products made on their basis. We also have close contacts with other European national meteorological services. All these international connections allow us to produce a high quality and extensive range of products and services for domestic users of meteorological information.


Slovenian Environment Agency
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