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This office performs expert tasks for monitoring natural phenomena and pollution monitoring (immission monitoring), in compliance with the law and international conventions. In the area of monitoring natural phenomena it monitors meteorological, hydrological and radiological parameters, and in the area of immission monitoring, the parameters of water and air quality. Monitoring encompasses continuous and systematic collection of data of a prescribed sample according to the prescribed measurement method at a specific location, while ensuring the quality of all elements of monitoring and preparation of the agreed reports, and as necessary also expert analysis and processing. It also performs monitoring support activities: regular maintenance and regular calibration of measuring devices, expert selection of equipment, data checking and IT monitoring support. As required, it also performs exceptional and non-standard measurements, such as measurements from mobile stations.

For all monitoring except meteorology, it applies the principle of an integral procedure, meaning that it performs measurements, verification, database entry and drafting of reports. In the area of meteorological monitoring, it ensures the functioning of automatic measuring, it performs data checking and offers expert support for enabling measurements to be taken. It provides classic measurement and observation performed by professional and contracted meteorological observers.


Slovenian Environment Agency
Vojkova 1b
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: +386 1 4784 000

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