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The Environment Office performs administrative, expert and other tasks in areas covered by individual sections. These are the areas of environmental impact assessments and state of environment reports, air quality, water quality, water management, waste management, nature conservation, industrial pollution and rehabilitation of natural and other disasters. The office conducts administrative procedures of environmental consents, environmental permits, calculating environmental taxes and water charges and relief of payment of environmental taxes, and issues administrative decisions and other legal acts in its area of work.

It monitors payment of environmental taxes, water charges and concession levies and prepares data for the administrative enforcement of non-payment of environmental taxes and water charges and debt collection in the water charges sector.

It issues authority for operational monitoring in the area of emission into water and air, noise emissions and electromagnetic radiation, and pollution of the ground and ground waters.

It keeps records of polluters in the sphere of various kinds of emission and waste management, a register of providers of public utilities, authorised entities for carrying out various kinds of monitoring and a register of environmental experts.

It keeps databases on various kinds of emission, waste and treatment of such, purifying apparatus, environmental taxes and water charges.

It carries out tasks connected with trade in rights to emission of greenhouse gases and in emission coupons and it keeps a register of emission coupons.

It also performs other professional tasks that provide a basis for decision-making in the areas of reducing environmental pollution, nature conservation and prevention and rehabilitation of the effects of natural and other disasters. This includes various operational programmes for reducing different kinds of emission and waste management.

In addition to this, it provides the expert basis for passing regulations in the adoption and implementation of the EU acquis. We also cooperate in international projects and in the implementation of various conventions ratified by the Republic of Slovenia.


Slovenian Environment Agency
Vojkova 1b
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: +386 1 4784 000

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