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The Water Management Office is active in the field of regulation and protection of waters, and in decision-making on the use of water and marine assets as provided by the Waters Act.

It conducts administrative and other procedures, and manages water infrastructure facilities and installations.

The basic tasks of the Water Management Office are:
  • to conduct procedures related to water rights (water permits and concession contracts) for the use of water and marine assets and alluvium,
  • to conduct procedures and issue water approvals and information on construction requirements for all spatial interventions that may influence the water regime or the condition of water in protected and at-risk areas (bathing water, protected water, flood, erosion, landslide and avalanche areas) or have a bearing on water and waterside land. Such interventions include activities carried out for reasons of wastewater drainage, activities that might affect ground water, interventions necessary to exercise a water right or to provide public services pursuant to the Waters Act, water amelioration and other operations, forestry work, mining work and other activities that might affect the water regime,
  • to conduct procedures and issue permits for research into ground waters,
  • to draft guidelines and opinions on water management when spatial planning documents are being adopted, and to participate in procedures of determining water land boundaries.
The key tasks in managing water infrastructural facilities and installations are:
  • to prepare work programmes for commercial public services in the area of water management, as well as to coordinate and supervise their work related to the oversight and maintenance of water infrastructure, water and waterside land,
  • to prepare programmes for drawing funds from the Water Fund
  • to keep the Water Book as a record and collection of water rights and water approvals granted, and an inventory of water facilities and installations.


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