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Weather and climate

The weather is an important part of the natural environment. It directly or indirectly affects many of our activities. We tend to be acutely aware of the weather when we are faced with exceptional or dangerous phenomena that could endanger our property, safety or even lives. Such phenomena are, for example, gale-force winds, hail, heavy rainfall, sleet, ice and frost.

On these pages you will find warnings about dangerous weather events so that you will not be surprised by them, and you will be able to take appropriate action. The weather is, of course, also important for us when it remains within the limits of normal conditions. That is why we provide you with an up-to-date weather forecast for the current day and the next day, as well as with predictions for the following days. Since the weather knows no national boundaries, we also provide forecasts for neighbouring regions.

If you are interested in current weather conditions, you can view data from our meteorological stations and stations across Europe. We also enable you to view weather conditions across Europe as seen by a meteorological satellite from a height of 36,000 km above the equator. All those wondering whether to take an umbrella or not will find it interesting to look at a radar image of precipitation taken by our meteorological radar on Mount Lisca.

On these pages you will also find special weather forecasts, forecasts for pilots, mountain area forecasts, coastal forecasts, warnings about fire risk in the natural environment, and the latest snow conditions in the mountain area. Here you will find the forecast of the impact of weather on human health and behaviour, as well as UV index forecasts during the summer months so that you can properly protect yourselves against harmful sun rays. Together with the Institute of Public Health, we provide information on the concentration of allergenic pollen in the air.

Amateurs and others who would like to know more about the weather can access the results of calculations of our prognostic model, which provides a more detailed picture of future weather developments across Slovenia.

On our pages, in addition to the forecasts and data mentioned, you will also find some of our major projects, national as well as international, and various interesting facts, answers and frequently asked questions about the weather. Those who would like to find out even more can link directly to the home pages of international meteorological organisations.

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