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The library houses professional library material in the area of environmental protection, meteorology, hydrology and seismology, including monographs and serial publications. A review of professional journals can be accessed through COBISS mutual catalogue of Slovenian libraries and in our internal catalogue, while monograph publications are being prepared for entry into the computer catalogue. They are arranged in an extensive UDC catalogue, where you can find all publications set out according to the universal decimal classification of all four professions.

Through inter-library lending we lend and borrow a variety of professional material. To this end we enjoy excellent cooperation with libraries including Slovenia's National and University Library (NUK), Central Technical Library of the University of Ljubljana (CTK), the Academy of Sciences and Arts (SAZU), Chemical Institute, Faculty of Construction and Geodesy - Hydrotechnology Department, the Geography Department at the Faculty of Arts, the Jo┼żef Stefan Institute, the Geological Institute, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia and many related institutions.

Library users also have access to all publications issued by this Agency. With confirmation from an educational establishment or employer, publications may also be borrowed and taken home.

Library hours: Monday to Friday from 11.00 to 13.00

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Slovenian Environment Agency
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