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The Environment Agency of the Republic of Slovenia is organised by field of operation, relative to the demands, type, scope and interlinking of tasks. These fields of operation have been divided into offices, sections, services, departments and groups. In this way work is performed professionally, efficiently and rationally, assignments are carried out in a coordinated way, there is effective internal control of the performance of tasks, and administrative and professional tasks are performed legally, punctually and efficiently.

The Environment Agency of the Republic of Slovenia is headed by director general.

The implementation and coordination of demanding assignments in all areas of public relations at the Environment Agency of the Republic of Slovenia are the responsibility of an independent public relations adviser, who is directly responsible to the director general.

Agency Structure

Meteorology Office
Monitoring Office
Environment Office
Seismology and Geology Office
Water Management Office


Slovenian Environment Agency
Vojkova 1b
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: +386 1 4784 000
Fax: +386 1 4784 052

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