27th EWGLAM & 12th SRNWP meetings
3rd - 5th October 2005, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Predstavitev Introduction

Meeting's Venue, Duration and Practical arrangements

The workshop will be held at the Environmental Agency, Vojkova 1b, Ljubljana. The workshop will start at 9 a.m. on Monday the 3rd of October 2005 and end on the evening of Wednesday the 5th of October.

The conference room (4th floor) is equipped with all standard technical facilities, as projection device, etc.

Posters with national status reports will be posted on the walls surrounding the conference room. There aren't any special demands regarding the size of the posters as long as they stay within the standard dimensions (i.e. ISO A0 format at the largest).

There are several restaurants in vicinity of the venue where lunch is served at a reasonable price around 5 EUR.

How to reach the Weather service from City Hotel - the map

  • Walking is the most appropriate choice. The promenade will take some 15 minutes. At the exit from the hotel walk either right and right onto the Miklosiceva st., or left and left onto the Kolodvorska st. Both end up at or near the railway station. At the eastern end of the station there is an under-passage. Take it. At the end of it cross the Vilharjeva st. at the traffic lights and walk north along the Zelezna st. for about 400m. Cross the Linhartova st. at the lights and continue north for about 200m on Vojkova st. The Weather service (orange building) will be on your left.
  • Taxi will take about the equal amount of time as walking plus some 1000 SIT.
  • There is no direct bus between the two locations. The easiest way is to walk to bus station on Dunajska (Bavarski dvor), take bus no. 20 (to direction Nove Stozice) for 3 stops. The Weather service will be immediately across the street. The journey will take around 20 minutes.

Busses can be paid to the driver directly (300 SIT, no change back), or by pre-paid chips (190 SIT, can be bought in newspaper kiosks, post offices). Each journey is paid separately. One day ticket is 900 SIT, one week 3400 SIT. (1 EUR = 240 SIT)

Excursion to Skocjanske jame (underground) takes us to the magnificent world of stalagmites and stalactites. In there it is rather wet and cool (8 deg. C) and the surface is slippery. We advise you to wear appropriate clothes to sustain these conditions during one and a half hour walk. For your own safety, leather sole shoes are prohibited.
After the excursion there will be a traditional EWGLAM dinner in a village in the Kras (Carst) region. We will taste local wines and smoked ham ("prsut"), to start with ...
Meeting at the Weather service: 14:00, departure
Visit to the caves: 15:30 - 17:00
Dinner starting at 19:00
Planned return to Ljubljana (Hotel City) at 23:00  

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